You Are Important

you are important.
You are loved.lions
You matter.
I see you.
What you have to say matters.
I want to hear you.
I hear you.
I cherish you.
I love you.
I care what you feel.
I care how you are feeling.
I want to hear from you.
I care for you and how you feel.
I see you.
You are special.
You are so important to me.
You are loved.

Do you believe that?
How many times do you tell yourself other than that?
Do you have voices in your head that say anything other than that?

Last night I was in group. We dug deep into the mud of our suffering. Out of the deep pain and longing and trauma, we uncovered these truths. Out of the lies of our childhood wounds came the gift of these secrets, these so obvious truths in the eyes of love.

Let us begin to dig ourselves out of these muddied lies. Let us claim what is true, let us begin this journey today and claim them, own them, live them, give them. Again and again, let us own these truths.

You matter.
I want to hear from you.
What you feel matters.
I know your are hurting.
I care.
I love you.
I am here.
I honor you.
I honor how you feel.

As you read these words, can you let it in? Can you find the part in yourself that knows that is so?

Write below if you are willing to come out of the shadows and begin claiming these truths. Send me an email private message if you are ready to take the journey and want support with this. Whatever you do, don’t just sit there and beat yourself up for not feeling that way. Do something about it. Begin the journey. One step. Again. And again.

Are you are ready to claim your truth? To see your own shining essence? To fall in love with the gift that you are? To truly own it? This is not a journey to taken alone. And it is a journey we all must take if we want to take back our joy, our power, our essence. It’s the journey back to our original truth. I am there on this journey with you. Re-claiming my truth too. Let it be a joyous journey together in strength.

I know I am loved.
I know I am cherished.
I feel the support of the universe behind me, before me, inside me.
To the left of me, to the right of me, below me.
I have something to offer.
What I feel is important.
I have something to say.
What I have to say is important.
Who I am is important.
I have something to offer.
It is time.

I am happy to share the road with you.  Sign up for this blog, if you want these post to go effortlessly to your inbox.  Whatever you do, let love be with you. The truth I am honors the truth you are. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “You Are Important

  1. Sedona

    This brought me to tears…I thank you for the blessing of your presence on the Planet. I will print out your beautiful poem and trust it will help me remember that I am important, loved and cherished… that I matter, too.


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