Yes yes and yes.

All forces collide to create beauty and symmetry of exquisite and profound yes.
yes yes and yes.Screenshot 2015-01-12 06.30.23

That being said, remember, the creative universal force works in vibrations.  It doesn’t understand negatives. For example, if you’re  stuck looping on what you don’t want, you think ‘no, no, no, I don’t want X (fill in you’re own personal favorite ‘no’ of the hour), I don’t want X..’, the universe gets, ah, X!  Yep, here it come, X.

Begin today to notice the negatives as they run through your mind; we all have’ em, it’s our guidance system-good thing we have em; just don’t get stuck on them!  Find the no, not that!  Say thank you for this new information and then gently turn your attention to what you do want.

 Turn to face your newly expanded glorious future,

Feel the yes yes yes yes of it.

Get excited, what you want is calling you even stronger now.

What’s your own personal newly-defined yes?

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