Yes, and…

I took an comedy improv class about a year ago from  the amazing Gregory Dodds. One of the ‘rules’ for comedy improv is to always say ‘yes’, and then you add onto whatever presents itself (instead of no, not that!). That inherently keeps the energy flowing and building…it really works when your being wacky and wild and on the edge.sunsetwindow

I suddenly remembered that that concept today on the improv dance floor. Just say yes…

yes, and…

wow, what an amazing shift.  When something happens, just go with it and find the new expression that is trying to come forth.  It’s about not having any preconcieved idea about the right way to do it.  Being totally present and feeling into the present next step.

And then I realized that is true of life. Jeez.

Can I say ‘yes’ to what life is presenting me right now? ‘yes, and…’?
Instead of resisting what shows up?

Even when I think I know the way?

Even when I’m so sure I’m sure?

Present moment, stepping into my new now. Now.

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