Writing Flow

Writing Practice

by Nicola Gordon
You want to get in the songwriting flow?
This is how I have jump-started my creative flow whenever I start to feel stuck, and I’ve turned
all of my students on to this.  It works. Give it a try and see what happens…
Writing is a craft. And, like anything else, the more you do, the better you get at it.
Think of this as your morning writing push ups.
Let’s begin a writing practice.
Here’s some guidelines to get going:
1. Do it Daily; same time every day is best, so it becomes habit.
I find first thing in the morning, or last thing at night is best.
Just make it part of your morning or evening routine.
2. Set timer for 5 minutes. You can go longer if you have the time and feel like it, but do 5
minutes at least.
3. Pick up a pen, put pen to paper and go.
Keep the pen moving til timer stops
Well, you can use the computer or your phone for that matter, if you want-
I prefer pen and paper.
Just do it!
What to write about?
thoughts, how you feel inside, outside environment, a story
from the day, a fantasy, gibberish… really– just keep the pen moving.
4. No crossing out, no editing, no judging what comes out-surrender to the pen.
Don’t follow lines or margins, just keep writing.
In other words, don’t engage the critical mind in anyway.
5. hold nothing back.  That being said, keep all your writings out of other’s view–
so you can feel free to write anything.
Keep daily writing for at least a week and don’t skip a day.  If you do forget one day, go back to
the beginning and count your days again.
Consistency is way more important than quantity.
Even one minute is better than nothing.
After about a week of steady writing, you might notice your having way more fun and
inspiration writing, and who knows, perhaps song ideas might even start to pop.
ideally you will continue and make this a life long habit. Any time you fall off the wagon, and get
stuck or bored, just start it up again.
I find it does take about a week to get back into gear again.
Persist and enjoy!