Worry and the Celery Stick.

Do you worry?

Do you worry about your children, you loved ones, your friends…?Screenshot 2014-05-07 10.28.15

Why do you worry?

Do you worry because your mom worried?
Or because, of course, you should be worried, that’s just the way it is?

My mom used to worry about me all the time. I loved my mom, she had a heart of gold. But when she worried, I hated being around her. Didn’t she believe in me? Would she just let me live my life? And of course, as a teenager I proceeded to fulfill some of her biggest fears…

Worry is fear, pure and simple; fear of future possibilities. As you worry, guess what? Every time you worry, you are reinforcing that fear energy. I know, being a Mom, I see that worry bug; I understand it’s a fine line between caring and wanting some kind of control.

I invite you to try an experiment. Next time you start to worry about your kids, your parents, your friends, whoever, ask yourself, is there something I can do right now, or is this beyond my control? If there is something to be done, do it. If not, ask yourself, “what do I love about that person?” “ Can I let that person live out what they need to do, and just love them?”

Change the things you can,
let go of the things you can’t,
and let whatever God you believe in do his or her thing.
(ah, the serenity prayer…)

Really, it’s just a practice.

Catch yourself in action, turn your attention to love.

If you have trouble seeing it in yourself, ask for help.
Tell a friend, “next time you hear me worrying,
bop me on the head with a celery stick.”

Well, you get the idea.


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