I would love to say life is always easy for me.2014-03-22 17.10.32
But, like everyone on earth, i have my days.
What has changed over the years is my ability to witness myself, notice when i’m triggered, notice when i’m happy, notice when i’m haunted. somehow that makes life more of an exciting journey than a downward spiral of hopelessness.
yeah, i know that one too.
I used to be chronically depressed.
yeah me.
miss rose bud cheery me.
what has also changed is my ability to make choices, different more empowering choice. Specifically about the way I think. Of course that comes organically out of the witnessing…
So that’s where much of my poetry comes from, my journey of choices and noticing.
And that’s what my coaching is about. Sharing the skills I’ve learned along the way and sharing them with you.
I have 3 spots left this week- if you are interested in a totally free experience of radical shift and clarity in your life, no strings attached, please take one of the spots to play with me.
It’s over the phone, takes about 60 minutes…


Look forward to connecting.

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