What about ease?


What is ease?

What’s the difference between laziness and ease?rock pile

Do I know the difference?

What about zoning out in front of the tube, is that ease?
What about apathy, not caring, giving up? Is the ‘easy way out,’ ease?
What about rebelling again the madness of the world, all this pushing, pushing? What about all this running madly to and fro doing stupid things that are just waste time; doing everything myself, even if some else is much better at it and loves it?  What about this doing stuff cause someone else wants me to do it, even though I have no desire to do it and it certainly is no boost forward for mankind in any way?  What about all this? Where is one ounce of ease to be found in any of that?

What about making time for the things I’m passionate about?

What about those things that bring me joy just thinking about them?

Those things that serve others deeply as I serve myself?

What are those things?


What about the ease that comes when I do those things?

As I write this, I feel my body relax.
I feel the world open to my breath.

That’s what I’m talking about.


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