Welcome Joy.

What is this Joy?
Joy, how do you live in my body?
I feel my breath open and deep.
A tingling in my heart.

What is this expansiveness?
What is this sense of stillness, this all-pervasive calm?
This so easily letting go into this moment?

Why am I so blessed to come into your sweetness,
to stumble upon it so unexpectedly? How can I fully embrace you joy? How can I fully own that you are here, with me? Can I shamelessly acknowledge your presence in my life? Is that so hard? How could that ever be a bad thing? In this life filled with struggle and torment and toil, could there be a window open to a new world?

lakesunsetI acknowledge the possibility of you, joy, in my life.

Outside, the crows call, the world wakes. The sun peeks over the tree tops. Here comes the day, roaring and ready to go.

I wonder, how could this day be a new round of learning, of leaning into joy?
Joy, will you join me?

How could that be so?

When I feel joy, the cells of my body give up the fight.
The atoms acknowledge connection.

I breathe into that possibility of joy.

I make space, for I notice that’s where joy is.
Joy plays in spaciousness,

The space between the lines,
between the agendas, between the to do lists.


And here.

Oh, and here.

two box peopleJoy, how can I befriend you?
How could I coax you in for tea?
How could I inspire you to stay awhile?

With a full breath, I welcome you in.
I relax into the possibility that you might want to stay.
I allow space between my moments.
I place them on the altar of your playfulness.

In gratitude, and in joy, yes joy,
I welcome in this brand new day.

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