Warts and all

Ego alert!
Just for the record, I have spied my spiritual Ego (spell check said “eagle”–yep she’s flying high). Yes, me, wonderful me. I have meditated for years. I live in a tiny house. I don’t need money, and I now guess I don’t even need a relationship.moon rise

Aren’t I great? Am I cool or what? Well, what do you think? And how many of you like me now? Who am I trying to impress? Is it working? Today again, I released my need for your approval.

Today, I choose to share with you because it opens both of us up. I choose to be utterly vulnerable in my foibles and frantic so I can come home to me. I choose love.

Thank you spiritual ego for showing yourself to me. It’s true I don’t need a lot of money. It’s true I can survive without relationship, it’s true I love my little house.

Today I released my need for your approval on any of it. Today I choose joy. Today I choose to love you. I choose to love me, warts and all. Thank you all for being witness to my witnessing; as i watch my lunatic self dancing in the bright moon of forgetfulness.

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