Volcanoes and Sledgehammers

Sometime life gets rocky.
Sometimes I take the long road home.

I let things slide, don’t speak up. I get small. I take the easy way out. I think someone else will say what I want to say. I procrastinate till ‘the right time’ (that for some reason, never comes)… And of course I just hope it will all just go away, blow away, skip and whirl away with the wind.

I forget that life is here for me. I forget in that moment that am here to grow and evolve. And that I have something to say, and that something is important. It’s my view- the world of Nicola. That when life gives me taps, it’s for my learning. I could so easily respond in that moment.volcano

If I don’t listen, the little tiny tap just might turn into a sledgehammer. Or the internal pressure might build and I turn from a meek little mouse into an erupting volcano. All sorts of things can happen. And of course do.

I now recommit to owning my feelings. feeling them fully; I choose to listen for and to my intuition; speaking up when I have something to say.
Now I remember, oh yes, It’s a lot easier in the long run to be honest and true to myself and others. For some very good reason, they say, it’s the best policy. Amen brothers and sisters.

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