Valentine’s Song

The gift of song

Last week I woke up and wrote with a birthday song for a dear friend. It was so much fun to feel into my connection with her and then express it. And then, it was so much fun to share it with her… Made her so happy; and then made me happy that she got so happy!
It made me think,
Here comes Valentine’s Day.
Hey baby, more! Let’s do some more!
Enter, brilliant idea #123:
Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is coming,
This IS love month. I proclaim it.
Perfect excuse to write a love song to your beloved.
What do you think? Yes?
Do you want to give a very special something, to a very special person in your life for that very special day?  I would be honored to facilitate the flow of your love current into song. Email me and we can do this!
This is who it’s for:
-If you already write songs and need some inspiration, support, accountability and feedback, I’m there.
-If you’ve never sang a note in your life or picked up an instrument, I’m down to work with you and find this special song with you.  And I will play ukulele and sing it for you if you need that support.
-if you’re somewhere in between these two ends, it’s gonna be pure fun to create with you…
-if your single and want to write a SELF-LOVE song to sing to yourself, or even a song to envision and call in your beloved, hey, I’m game!
who this is not for:
-If you’re a perfectionist, and need everything perfect and it never is.
-If you don’t think your partner would like this…
-if you hate the idea of love! ha!
If you’re game, let’s do this. The price for a songwriting project like this is usually $997, but right now, I’m  offering this for $297 for anyone that orders in the next 48 hours.  And I can only write a handful of songs between now and Valentine’s Day, so act now. Email me and we can make this happen!
Just think, writing a one-of-a-kind song for that special person that means the world to you.
Now, you can do something unique and totally personal that really demonstrates your love and connection…
Email me and let’s get rolling!!