unconditional joy.

This moment is good. this moment I am safe, held and blessed.

I feel lucky to be alive.

I open 2015-01-21 12.58.25to the challenges of this day knowing I am learning each moment how to find a bigger sense of me and my ability to hold my unconditional joy in an authentic way.  What does this authentic, unconditional joy look like? In the face of the unknown, in the face of challenging circumstances, joy is present moment savoring. my breath. my body. my smile. your smile. the colors outside-green green clover, sunshine. the sound of traffic like waves on a distant sea.

We think we ‘know’ a lot. Do we ever? Not really, though some times might feel more solid than others. In these times of shifting and changing I seek the solid sense of my breath again and again. Thank you breath, for breathing me alive this moment.

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