Two Seconds.

Dad’s home from the hospital.

He still says he feels awful, but he looks a million times better. It’s roses and thorns this life. He says he helped his mom go through this, he helped his wife go through this and now it’s his turn. Simple fact, simply stated. People get old, they get frail and then they die, that’s just how it is. I will do the same some day.

I’m fighting against it every third second.

I help Paul and his nephew load the third van full of garge sale collections and stuff from the house. Clearing out, letting go; Just stuff. I go walk around the pond. I look up at the green leaves plastered against the cloudy sky. I feel the soft ground and the tall tall trees. Somehow the fresh air and the lake give me space to let in this moment’s beauty.Screenshot 2014-06-10 22.34.45

I surrender to the beauty of this process for two seconds.

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