today is full of everything

The day is full of everything2014-04-25 15.18.12
today I commit to letting love be first to occupy me.
loving my toes
love my hair
love the tree i see, and then that one over there.
love the doggies
the kale plants.
ah the flowers!
everywhere I look is an opportunity for love
ok, the pavement
the electrical wire, my computer
my breath
of course
my breath
what do you love today?

2 thoughts on “today is full of everything

  1. Ron

    I love finding my connection to nature, so beneficial for my well being. I love sitting under this huge amazingly beautiful tree. The magnitude of it and the realization that it’s roots had sunk down deep and it had weathered many storms and wasn’t in any hurry to go anywhere, it is wise because it goes through life unhurried. Bringing me back to my breath and resultant relaxation, my breath brings me home again.


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