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I love my tiny home. I’ve been living in it for over 3 years now. It is amazing how little one needs; and how simple life gets within this simplicity.

Yesterday, I went through my drawers, my piles and my general chaos. Going away and coming back, I’ve gathered a little more than I can handle. A tiny space (8’x14′) is fast with the feedback–time to clear out the clutter. Now it is done.

And sweet folks, It’s that time again. Time to find a place for my tiny home. A beautiful, quiet location; surrounded by nature and wonderful people where I can live. It is somewhere in Santa Barbara County, perhaps Santa Barbara, Carpenteria, or Goleta. It is easy to find this place, and it is such a perfect fit… I am feeling into that reality.

Perhaps you happen to know a place like this?

Perhaps you could pass this on to someone you think might know a place as well?

thanks for being a part of my world.

In gratitude…

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