This Supremely Messy Life

Breathing into this cloud-covered morning2014-02-02 06.57.38, the light streaming through the window, triumphantly proclaiming yet another new day.

Honoring my fear and my excitement about my own steps to take this day, coaching, connections, new programs, laundry, gardens, old songs, new song, classes. Holding my Dad and his challenges, getting the front rail put in, getting ready to travel…
…oh and there’s more…

It’s the ten thousand things,¬†ever revolving,
evolving and devolving.

And then there’s being willing to breathe again
and feel gratitude for all it, this supremely messy life.

It’s real simple when I boil it down to this breath.

I’m breathing now.
And then this one.
And here comes another!


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