This day, this food, this breath

what’s on my mind?
Snow is coming.

What is this snow s**t?
damp cool air blowing across the street.
leaves plaster the car, the walks, the gutters
wet with last nights rain.

I searching around this morning for my cup of thankfulness…
I know I left it around here somewhere…

thank you for this day2014-11-20 16.19.57
this food
this home
this breath
this inhale,
this exhale.
Thank you for the ability to be thankful
for each new breath.
every thought
every unknown moment going forward.

Thank you for the reflection of all I see around me
bringing me back to me.
What is this story, this challenge?
What is the learning here for me?

thank you for this day
in all it’s messy blessings.

3 thoughts on “This day, this food, this breath

  1. Topaz

    To Nicola from Hafiz via Topaz *loneliness ( insert any feeling that you have )

    Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly
    Let it cut more deep
    Let it ferment and season you
    As few human or even divine ingredients can
    Something missing in my heart tonight
    Has made my eyes soft, my voice so tender
    My need of You absolutely clear……..


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