The War on Pain

Screenshot 2014-03-17 08.38.38Remember a few posts ago, I offered some exploratory sessions in ‘movement awareness’?  Well, the experiments have been amazing.  Yesterday I worked with a friend, I’ll call him Ted (not his real name ).  He’s had chronic and intense pain in his groin and leg for years. It hurts, it doesn’t go away. He’s gone to the doctor and they haven’t a clue what’s happening. They wanted to do exploratory surgery. He refused. It still hurts.

We tried a different approach. One that somehow never occurred to him…why not try loving the pain?   What?  That thing that has destroyed his life, for the past umpteen years?  That?  Yes, just love it.

Now Ted’s a real ‘cool’ guy, cherishes to the earth and others, knows the value of love on so many levels, but it was a first for him to just love his pain. Yes, just love it.

I know pain is hard to handle. And intense pain is really hard to deal with. But what if, just what if, that pain was a cry for attention?  Could it be that it has a very important, even life-or-death kind of message to tell?  What if something has to shift?  Perhaps that ‘something’ is something you’ve been trying to ignore and avoid for years?  What if all this ‘trying to make it go away’ is just making it the call louder?  Just what if?

At this point he figured, “what do I have to loose?’”  We dove in: Loving attention, being with the pain; listening, breathing, moving with, listening, loving.  Again and again, breathing, moving oh so gently, listening, talking to it lovingly, holding space for whatever wanted to emerge.

You know what? As Ted got friendly with the sensation, it relaxed a little.  The pain eased up. Then Ted realized that even thought it felt like an iron rod through his right side, it was his own body bracing against the pain that was a huge part of his discomfort.  Really? His own resistance was intensifying the pain.

The pain intensified and then lessened. It shifted and changed.  As we held space for it, new understandings about his life and purpose began to bubble up.

No, it wasn’t a quick fix.  As we wound up the exploration, there it was again, the pain came back. I asked him, could he love it, now? What? He found that part in him that just wanted the cure, to wipe his hands of it and get on with his life. Some times it’s a miraculous cure and sometimes its a miraculous journey, with umpteen ever unfolding revelations.  Love your body, listen to it. What a concept.

Perhaps it’s time to make peace with your body. Let go of the war.

I don’t know if you heard, but I made a tele-seminar on self love. If you want to listen to it, it is still up here. It will take you on a similar journey, a journey of love and opening to self-acceptance; perhaps open up some new doors of possibilities for your body, your life.

And if you want some help, if you’re ready to make a leap, let me know, I’m here.


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