The Myriad of Habits

Life is habit forming. There’s disempowering habits: procrastinating, the sneaky and magical snowy mountaindisappearing act, eating, drinking, smoking, etc. to avoid dealing and/or feeling. Then there’s a myriad of habits that add to our life: breathing, facing in, self love, sending love. Forward progress is the fine art of notice dis-functional habits, changing to more empowering habits, reinforcing habits that serve you, and then ultimately being able to appreciate the whole journey.

I woke up this morning overwhelmed and rebellious. Don’t tell me what to do (yes, I’m talking to myself). I will not go for a run this morning. I will not do my writing. I just want chocolate but I don’t even have any, no fair! things are not working out as I had planned, so forget it, I’m going back to sleep.

I did go back to sleep, for a little. Then, I started noticing. I let myself breathe, I made a green smoothie, I promised myself I will do some exercise today, and here I am writing on to you. With those small steps I felt self-nurturing kick in. The sun came out from behind the clouds. trees and sunNow I feel more empowered to to take small steps towards those big, seemingly impassible mountains. The mountains are still there, but inside there is a willingness, rather than civil war.

Take note this day, what is working behind the scenes? Are you falling into self dug ditches? What simple thing can you do to shift direction?

Make a list either mentally or on paper, what are your myriad of self-empowering habits that you can call on in those critical times? Are you willing to give yourself that practice of shifting today?

Little shifts can move mountains.

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