the Lotus Fower You Are

Life in upheaval.
What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Follow your gut.



I was at a gathering of women the other day. I came away with the utter urgency of following lotusmy knowing. I felt it in the whole circle. Women know. Often in their gut before the heads. Women have the unique challenge and opportunity to feel deeply. And often that feeling can be strong.

I am a women with deep feelings. I am growing into cherishing my juiciness.

I am breathing;
I am alive.
I thank the Goddess and the God for this life.
I breathe.
I feel.
I honor those feelings.
One foot in front of the next.
If you are a woman or a man, I implore you to start the process of validating that feminine part yourself. That part that feels deeply, no matter how ragged. This is important work. Come out of the shame and hiding. No more make pretending so he or she will like you; no more acting ‘pretty’, walking on egg shells, or withholding important tidbits of information to keep the peace.

It is only through owning all those sneaky, dark parts that the full you can bloom.

I’m not saying rant and rage at the world. I’m says own the feelings: I am angry. I am sad. I am feeling…xyz. Acknowledge what you are feeling when you are feeling it, first to yourself; then to others.

Let it be.

Be In the presence of your feelings;

honor them without explanation or apology.

Yep. just like that lovely lotus flower: rooted in the mud, suspended in the waters of consciousness, the flower blooms in the sunshine of our present moment.

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