the joy game

smiling babyWanna up the joy game?

feel a little better just for the heck of it?

Take a breath.

a deep long breath in and out.

Okay, now take another one.

Feel your body relaxing a little?

try it again. and now put a smile on your face.

just try it.

breathe and smile…

repeat as often as you want to feel goodness grow.

This is probably the simplest shift on earth

AND easily the most profound.

3 deep breaths and a smile.

See you there.

2 thoughts on “the joy game

  1. Sedona

    Your poetry never fails to touch me, Nicola. Each time you post a new piece, I stop to read and savor it. You change the tone and direction of my day, without fail. Thank you for the power in your words, and for your level of conscious awareness. You help me to be the person I want to be, to create change in the world around us all. With blessings and deep, deep gratitude, Sedona

  2. Yolanda

    Loved this. And the sweet innocent smile on the baby’s face. Thanks Nicola. For sharing your gifts.


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