the bag of bricks

What are you dreams? bricks
What are your challenges?
What are you avoiding looking at?Sometimes, an event can hit you like a bag of bricks,
trigger a meltdown.

And sometimes, in the midst of it all, one small distinction can make you take a slightly different turn, and that little turn can, over time, make a very big difference. 

My friend just finished her taxes for last year. Looking at her finances all together like that made her whole world crumble. It wasn’t anything she didn’t already guess at, it was just facing into that reality that got her.

Letting herself feel the feelings, open up new awareness. It gave her the space to make new decisions from the new perspective.  It gave her the power to re-assess and move forward.

It takes courage to go there. And, as with taxes, sometimes it’s just something in life that hits you.

Do you have the courage to face into your life? Would you be willing to look before it blows you over? Want to proactively move into your life with your gut, heart and mind in integrity?  Use those life-bricks to build something new?

Would you be willing to give yourself the time to face in right now?connect with me and we can do it together.
It is my passion to live in the question,
to ignite the vision and to assist you with this.

Right now, I am offering a one hour strategy session. It’s free.
It’s meant to get you in touch with who you are and what you are up to. One hour to face in, to assess what is real or wasted in your life, to integrate your life; and to go forward in a loving and compassionate way that truly serves you. Whether you continue on with me or not, that one little distinction we discover together could shift your world from here on out.

If this calls to you, PM me and we will set up a time.

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