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winter solstice

Winter Solstice has arrived
on timid tender feet
Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 2:44 am PST.
Find your still deep silent spot of being
Let it anchor you for the new year

Today is the day
In fact the next three days
the sun stands still
in the shifting and changing
Be with that stillness.
Come into the quiet place
Rest in the darkness
Surrender to the knowing
you are
at your very core


over and over
waves crash to the shore.Screenshot 2016-05-16 07.33.43
the waters
kiss the dry sands
without ceasing.
so each breath
in each moment
kisses your dry soul alive
again again.
Let it in.
feel the water of life
as it washes over every bit
of your human harried hurry.
let it release all the lies
let it take you back
to you.
to the pure light
to the love you are.
over and over
let the waves kiss
your dry sands alive
without ceasing;
til all that remains
is love.

simple silence

it’s hereScreenshot 2014-07-08 11.31.49
in the silent simple curious
waiting eager
it’s here
soft subtle surrender
smile so simple
softer slowly
we come so so softly
so slowly
and yet we come
into simple silence
as an honored guest
at the holy royal superbowl
of our fondest dreams
simple deliverence
o so slowly simple silent
simple silent subtle eager
it’s here
waiting eager


The day is here
The path down the canyon calls.
The tree is huge
She want my company. 2015-02-15 09.14.00

I wish nothing more than to sit by you
arms strong and silent holding the soft air
stillness all around but the gently chirps and rustles
of a flying birds, wing to the rising world
I breathe you in
I surrender a moment and two

tll the world pulls me back

honking and ringing and blinging.

might I hold this stillness in my heart today
as galaxies spin and my world turns and tumbles
Such a large presence.
so planted and unmoving,
seemingly almost is invisible
until I look.
And there you are.
inside me


Enjoy the stillness

happy solstice all.
Today is the shortest day of the year, did you know?

I went to the Providence Shambala Center to celebrate; meditated with a bunch of very quiet people. then we did walking meditation. then we meditated again. back and forth for 2 hours.
wonderful, trying, wonderful, you know how this kind of thing usually goes.
I feel very full of nothing
and that’s a great thing.2014-11-12 08.19.29

I went to a store afterwards and wished the cashier a happy solstice–he didn’t know what it was.  I felt so happy to inform him of the magnitude of this day!

enjoy the stillness.
a moment, an hour or two, a day
that’s what this time is for
rest your weary bones and be glad.

Celebrate Spaciousness

I’ve been giving myself long meditating these past few mornings. The world inside and outside changes. I am so grateful for time in silence. and how it fills me.2014-07-21 19.53.42

I appreciate the new day. I appreciate the softness of the clouds cover. The birds that sing to greet it. the quiet that the early hours hold. I drink that quiet into my body and allow it to relax every muscle and bone, every thought.

And what I’ve noticed is it lingers. I feel that calmness as something I can feel inside; I can go back to through the day.. My body remembers the feeling of this surrender.

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I am here with you now.

the house is pretty clean now.

Well, there’s stuff, but the clutter has been tamed for now.

Darn, now I have to just be. What a terrifying Idea this morning.
breathing in, I am alive, breathing out, you are alive.
breathing in and out, we will both be gone one day
Breathing in and out, I am here with you now.

(This is a Meditation from Thick Nhat Hahn; photo by Philip Van Nostrum)

Screenshot 2014-06-12 08.03.16


Meditation. I’ve had a long and interesting journey with it. When I was 19 I joined a spiritual community based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (That’s why I live in Santa Barbara, thank you Sunburst).

For the next 7 years I pretty much meditated my brains out. I’d wake up pre-dawn and meditate, go to an hour group meditation, go to work and come home for another hour-long group meditation and then meditate before bed again. You could say I was a fanatic, but we all were zealous-that was the protocol for finding God, and what else was more important?

Screenshot 2014-03-10 11.25.07

It was an extremely challenging and also amazing experience. I had incredible darkness and incredible lightness of being. I guess that’s how life goes in general, but that inner journey was truly profound for me..

What’s true is that in those seven years of intense introspection, I cultivated an amazing serenity that I can access even now, when I give myself the space to go within. When I stop to think of it, it is truly amazing.

But over the years, out of rebellion and shear laziness, my so-called ‘practice’ of meditating got shoved by the wayside. Yes, every time I’d sit down and breathe into my present moment I could access profound ecstasy, by why bother when there’s so much else to do???!?!?!?!?! Well, that’s just how the ol’ brain works, don’t it?