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dear sweet one

Dear sweet one
Have I told you yet
How precious you are to me?
How your very presence in my life

has burst me into song
flowed rivers of ryhme
Rainbows round every corner

Have I let you in

on the constant mundane sacredness I find
In that soul-stirring yes of your being
Just you being you?

How it brings me to my knees in wonder
under the sun filled blue

Seeing the dance of light
In every sparkling leaf

every reflection?

All In sheer remembrance
of that one drop

my reasonable mind.


feel the words come
not just the ordinary
blah blah
but the flash of yes
that lights up your spine
and goes forth raw and real
the words that don’t give a crop
what others might think
that care deeply for tender and broken parts
that heals and holds the knowing
life has brought
the perfect storm of you
let your words pour forth


resting into a smile
of a Saturday morning stillness.big moon
fiddles and gardens and yes
i am called to the simple yes
yes to the next step
that full body yes.
yes to the sun
yes to the song, the garden
the farmers market
to the inspiration
the next yes.
(and no to everything else)
Make room for the yeses
make room for the yeses


simple silence

it’s hereScreenshot 2014-07-08 11.31.49
in the silent simple curious
waiting eager
it’s here
soft subtle surrender
smile so simple
softer slowly
we come so so softly
so slowly
and yet we come
into simple silence
as an honored guest
at the holy royal superbowl
of our fondest dreams
simple deliverence
o so slowly simple silent
simple silent subtle eager
it’s here
waiting eager

the dance is on

passing throughIMG_6676
new old new return
turn again
the dance is on
find the flow feel the rhythm
know the ground is with you
know the sky holds you
then succumb to the moment alive
feel the inspiration
follow the yes
know the difference.
be the changing you are
changing into the bigger you.

breath and bone

wind across the waterIMG_2215
take me home
wind across the holler
take me home
home where i know all is well
where lies the good life, me and you
wind across the water
take me home.
dance the beach electric
sing a song concentric
circle of our lives
as we find our home
inside the crying wind
safe haven from the restless gail
in our little shelter of breath and bone.

Music. mark erelli bill morrissey charlie rose

I was reminded again last night why I am a musician. I went to ‘stone soup’ a coffee shop here in ri. Mark erelli along with charlie rose (and darn, great base player and now i dont have his name… can anyone help me fill that in?) singing bill morrissey songs (and some of their own). off the charts. my heart is wide-eyed smiling and my soul is roaring.

mark e 2014-12-06 19.34.26

“…let the sun go down on a glass of beer…”
” …in the shadow of a pay phone where the saints are getting bold..”
on and on…

OMG tragic and weepingly beautiful.

Inspiration comes from nowhere

Inspiration comes from nowheremoon

open space
the blank paper
the black sky


don’t be afraid
let it in.

the night is a metaphor

for the vast emptiness

Let yourself be there
in the comfort of nothing
holding no one
being nothing

and all will be a gift after that.

What about ease?


What is ease?

What’s the difference between laziness and ease?rock pile

Do I know the difference?

What about zoning out in front of the tube, is that ease?
What about apathy, not caring, giving up? Is the ‘easy way out,’ ease?
What about rebelling again the madness of the world, all this pushing, pushing? What about all this running madly to and fro doing stupid things that are just waste time; doing everything myself, even if some else is much better at it and loves it?  What about this doing stuff cause someone else wants me to do it, even though I have no desire to do it and it certainly is no boost forward for mankind in any way?  What about all this? Where is one ounce of ease to be found in any of that?

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The Milky Way

Screenshot 2014-03-19 07.12.13Last night Me and Susan went to see the Tall Men Group.  6 tall men who happen to be amazing songwriters, each awesome.  They play together, and watch out.  Apart they are strong. Together they are stellar.

Well, I am blessed to with a similar constellation, the Honeysuckle Possums.  5 powerful women, each very unique and each very strong in their gifts and talents. I am amazed each day at the beauty, the creativity and the courage of each one of these women.  Continue reading