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resting into a smile
of a Saturday morning stillness.big moon
fiddles and gardens and yes
i am called to the simple yes
yes to the next step
that full body yes.
yes to the sun
yes to the song, the garden
the farmers market
to the inspiration
the next yes.
(and no to everything else)
Make room for the yeses
make room for the yeses



tell me divine fool
where does your joydurvish
sparkle like the bright sun
on the waters
of your swirling ocean?
tell me bright one
where does your heart leap
How does your wind call
so strong across the hills?
tell me dear friend
what does your single song
sing so loud so full?
Come holy hell
come high water
come this life so full
let us celebrate

today is the day

today is the day   IMG_6675
perhaps an ordinary day
but today
is a day like none other
new, fresh, full
today I notice
more than ever before
the goodness
the possibilities
the beauty
I notice the goodness
today I open to the goodness
that surrounds me
today I wish you well
and you well
and you well
today I wish me well
today is a day that I choose to fill
with all goodness that is
today i stop and notice
that goodness
inside me, inside you
all around.
today is the day.

love is on my mind

love is on my mind.

the closeness of love as it intertwines us and circles around us. the love I feel for my friends and family. the love of the earth that wells up and embraces me, the love that pours down from the sky every moment. the love that is so thick we smile to move through these moments on this precious planet whirling through open creative expression.
thank you love.
thank you love.
Everywhere I turn

thank you love.

beauty everywhere

beauty 2 birds in everywhere
in the sky, the birds,
this tree
the earth
the mailbox
the person i meet, the next
the words you say
the words you dont say
beauty all around
in the stillness
in the roar of cars
in the screeching and sliding
as the train rolls by
in the way the branches
are swaying in the wind
in the way sunlight
plays across the page

All good

today I am right where I’m supposed to be.
How do I know?
because I am here.IMG_2051
I breathe in, I breathe out
for even the seemingly unacceptable parts of my life and me.
my finances, yes, I have money!
my body, yes, I have an amazing body!
my relationships,yes,  I have beautiful relationships!
my home, yes, I have an awesome home and spot to dwell!
ahhh, All is well.
Slowly but surely I come to all good.
rain, sun, clouds, heat, cold, all good.
from here I allow my awesome day to unfold
with ease and perfection
even when I dont see it
I know it is true.
All good.


moving, moving

back into tiny home tiny tiny
boxes, boxes OMG boxesScreenshot 2015-05-15 16.57.04
everywhere, everywhere

the white Tara dances over it all..

You’d think I get used to this.
or better at it.
well, i am getting a little better at it,
but I AM getting better at opening to the chaos and knowing this too shall pass. I will get to order again.

Meanwhile fun might be hiding under a box around here somewhere…

Yes yes and yes.

All forces collide to create beauty and symmetry of exquisite and profound yes.
yes yes and yes.Screenshot 2015-01-12 06.30.23

That being said, remember, the creative universal force works in vibrations.  It doesn’t understand negatives. For example, if you’re  stuck looping on what you don’t want, you think ‘no, no, no, I don’t want X (fill in you’re own personal favorite ‘no’ of the hour), I don’t want X..’, the universe gets, ah, X!  Yep, here it come, X.

Begin today to notice the negatives as they run through your mind; we all have’ em, it’s our guidance system-good thing we have em; just don’t get stuck on them!  Find the no, not that!  Say thank you for this new information and then gently turn your attention to what you do want.

 Turn to face your newly expanded glorious future,

Feel the yes yes yes yes of it.

Get excited, what you want is calling you even stronger now.

What’s your own personal newly-defined yes?

Yes, and…

I took an comedy improv class about a year ago from  the amazing Gregory Dodds. One of the ‘rules’ for comedy improv is to always say ‘yes’, and then you add onto whatever presents itself (instead of no, not that!). That inherently keeps the energy flowing and building…it really works when your being wacky and wild and on the edge.sunsetwindow

I suddenly remembered that that concept today on the improv dance floor. Just say yes…

yes, and…

wow, what an amazing shift.  When something happens, just go with it and find the new expression that is trying to come forth.  It’s about not having any preconcieved idea about the right way to do it.  Being totally present and feeling into the present next step.

And then I realized that is true of life. Jeez.

Can I say ‘yes’ to what life is presenting me right now? ‘yes, and…’?
Instead of resisting what shows up?

Even when I think I know the way?

Even when I’m so sure I’m sure?

Present moment, stepping into my new now. Now.