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dear sweet one

Dear sweet one
Have I told you yet
How precious you are to me?
How your very presence in my life

has burst me into song
flowed rivers of ryhme
Rainbows round every corner

Have I let you in

on the constant mundane sacredness I find
In that soul-stirring yes of your being
Just you being you?

How it brings me to my knees in wonder
under the sun filled blue

Seeing the dance of light
In every sparkling leaf

every reflection?

All In sheer remembrance
of that one drop

my reasonable mind.


over and over
waves crash to the shore.Screenshot 2016-05-16 07.33.43
the waters
kiss the dry sands
without ceasing.
so each breath
in each moment
kisses your dry soul alive
again again.
Let it in.
feel the water of life
as it washes over every bit
of your human harried hurry.
let it release all the lies
let it take you back
to you.
to the pure light
to the love you are.
over and over
let the waves kiss
your dry sands alive
without ceasing;
til all that remains
is love.

recipe for world peace

my recipe for world peace:dogsmile
breathe in-love myself
(me, my body, my life, my moment)
breathe out-love you
(whoever is standing in front of me
or who or whatever I’m thinking about)
breathe in-love myself
(me, my body, my life, my moment)
breathe out-love you
(whoever is standing in front of me
or who or whatever I’m thinking about)
breathe and send love,
in and out with the breath.
repeat as often as I remember.
and as soon as I forget,
o yes, remember
repeat again.

the joy game

smiling babyWanna up the joy game?

feel a little better just for the heck of it?

Take a breath.

a deep long breath in and out.

Okay, now take another one.

Feel your body relaxing a little?

try it again. and now put a smile on your face.

just try it.

breathe and smile…

repeat as often as you want to feel goodness grow.

This is probably the simplest shift on earth

AND easily the most profound.

3 deep breaths and a smile.

See you there.

It’s a good day

What if this day were my day?
What if this day were a good day?2014-03-22 17.10.32
What if this world I see were my world?
What if this world is a really really good world?

What if what appears so foreboding is just fear
What if fear were just trying to protect me?

What if I could breath into fear and love the seed of its good intention-

What if I am safe?
Right now, very safe?
What if?

Right now.
I am safe.
I am held.
I am here
just being me.

What if
This is my day?

This is my day
To smile into
To breath deep
To morph Into the intoxicating newness
Of its awesomeness


If I can just remember to breathe,Screenshot 2015-05-20 15.13.07
to empty my lungs
and then to drink in the exliter of life force-my breath,
if I can do that even once,
twice, three times today, maybe even four,
this day will be a success.
If I can remember how successful I am being me so totally,
this day is a success.
If I can appreciate how I succeed and fail,
how I get up, fall down, get up again,
if I can love myself through the comical nature of my struggle,
I have succeeded.
I do a little happy dance to my success and yours today.
enjoy my friend,

I love the sky as it darkens to night.

I love my breath.

I love the sky as it darkens to night.IMG_2058

I love walking in the cooling air.

I love finding my love inside me as I watch a small grey cat come and check me out.

I love how breathing makes me feel more alive as I breathe deeper.

I love remembering the simple things that make up a very deep yes in my moments.

I love that I can post and share my love with all of you.



there’s a cloud over my heart
the fog rolls over the hills
i have breath
i feel it filling my body
the clouds roll by
inside outside
I honor the clouds
i honor my breath2014-06-12 19.01.36
i honor my willingness to remember
my breath
breathing me
again and again.
i take a moment
i connect
with the source of my breath
that mysterious knowing that knows
that fills me and then
cleanses my cells my clouds my body

the big mess

is there order?2013-07-04 15.47.59
is there perfect action?
or is it just a big mess?
maybe it’s both.
I let it be what it is
somewhere a million light years from here
perfect order might be revealed
it’s messy.
i open to the messy
smile into the red light, the stop sign
the busy head bumbling
the tight shoudler shoulds
and breathe.