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at the tree tree1
it stands so tall
forever seemingly
so patient and strong,
but that is just its nature.
at the hummingbird
it’s only task to find nectar
it’s marvelous wings
it’s defiance of everything we know
this little bird
of peep and ruby throat
wonder at the blade of grass
one single spire to the sky
resilient and allowing
swaying in the slightest breeze
and wonder
wonder at you and me
we here
hands feet heart head
we breathe forth
into the only moment we have
full of fear and beauty
fun fluster and folly.
might we come to know
gratitude and wonder
as our best friends
along this tender trail we tread.


if I could be one thing
let me be happy to be here
no matter the circumstanceScreenshot 2016-05-18 12.39.14
no matter the stories I tell myself.
if I could accomplish one task
let it be
to smile and breathe into
this moment
and feel fully alive…
with the gratitude of one
who knows
how precious this moment is.
And then to remember
and again
and again
till it becomes
more of who I am
than all the distractions and stories
inside and out
Screenshot 2016-05-18 12.39.14Let me swirl into
I am.
the miracle.
the blessing.

thank you

It pours forth
every breath holdsScreenshot 2016-05-11 07.01.27
a new universe
It pours forth
every movement holds
a new possibility
It pours forth
every thought holds
a new opening
the roaring river of my moments
pours forth
rain and sun on bright waters
and all my lips can utter is
a humbled
and ever present
thank you.

recipe for world peace

my recipe for world peace:dogsmile
breathe in-love myself
(me, my body, my life, my moment)
breathe out-love you
(whoever is standing in front of me
or who or whatever I’m thinking about)
breathe in-love myself
(me, my body, my life, my moment)
breathe out-love you
(whoever is standing in front of me
or who or whatever I’m thinking about)
breathe and send love,
in and out with the breath.
repeat as often as I remember.
and as soon as I forget,
o yes, remember
repeat again.

green green

I see green everywheretreeup
green green green grows the grass
the leaves, the trees
even the thoughts I think
sprout forth new today

happy day Saint Patty
whoever you are

whatever you did
I celebrate the green you celebrate
alive I am so thankful
newly sprouting again, again
savoring the blossoms of impending spring
and it’s impending joyfilled bursting

today is the day

today is the day   IMG_6675
perhaps an ordinary day
but today
is a day like none other
new, fresh, full
today I notice
more than ever before
the goodness
the possibilities
the beauty
I notice the goodness
today I open to the goodness
that surrounds me
today I wish you well
and you well
and you well
today I wish me well
today is a day that I choose to fill
with all goodness that is
today i stop and notice
that goodness
inside me, inside you
all around.
today is the day.

beauty everywhere

beauty 2 birds in everywhere
in the sky, the birds,
this tree
the earth
the mailbox
the person i meet, the next
the words you say
the words you dont say
beauty all around
in the stillness
in the roar of cars
in the screeching and sliding
as the train rolls by
in the way the branches
are swaying in the wind
in the way sunlight
plays across the page

dead can dance

dancing to the dead
being with the ones parted



to family
hello Dad, Mom
hello cousin Jeff,
Gramma Estelle, Bubby
Grampa Max, Grampa Jake
Gramma Jane
all who went before

to friends
Kenny Edwards, Pat Milikin,
Linda Repucci, Andrew Jackson
now Cinder Jean
so many others

to the animals who have stood by me
my kitty friends Tigger, Lefty
my doggie friends Poncho, Baxter

hello all you who have gone before
I feel your power with me now
as I honor you
love you
I let you be the shining essence that you are now
As we dance a different dance
thank you
thank you
thank you.


Let the world rest
Just for a momentIMG_2094
Pay no heed the great ideas
the fears
the hopes of ever getting it right
The automatic noise of restless banter
And remember

It is enough to just be
Ragged and rowdy
Rumbling along

You are enough
Just as you are
In all your splendid and polished imperfection

As the mist settles across the horizon