Superman and Super Powers


 Last night I was at my crazy-assed-wonderful brother-in-law’s birthday party (hey Matt).  My Friend Diane was talking and she nonchalantly mentioned how she can fly in her dreams like Superman.  Really?  OMG, I always wanted to do that. Then she went on to say that often times when she’s dreaming she KNOWS she’s dreaming.  And since she knows that, she just experiments doing crazy stuff.  She knows if it doesn’t work out, she’ll just wake up.  Dang!

 She went on to say that at those times she is conscious that she’s dreaming, she can easily direct the outcome of her dreams, while she’s in the middle of dreaming. She shifts things around if they’re not going so good, tries out fun stuff, etc.  Now I’m standing there with my mouth open. I’ve always  wanted to do that! I’ve read books about lucid dreaming, I’ve even taking classes in it.

I’ll let you in on what I find so cool about Diane’s, let’s just call it, her super-powers of lucid dreaming.  What if, just a big ol’ what if, your so-called ‘waking’ life is a dream.  What if at the end of life you actually do wake up?

And here’s where the magic begins; what if somehow, some where, you wake up to that reality before you die? That you can actually write the script, direct the plot and star in the movie of your life?  Jeeeeeezzzz.  You think perhaps you would live life a little differently?

Would you take a few more chances here and there?

Not be so afraid to fail (or succeed for that matter)?

 Hey, what would you do if you could do anything?

What kind of legacy would you want to look back on, after the ‘show’ is over?

What are you waiting for?

So have you ever had that experience of being conscious of your dreams?  Have you ever flown like superman or even hopped like a big bunny (I HAVE done that) in dreamville?

Just wondering.

Have a flying great Sunday


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