Summer solstice

I’m home. Hello Santa Barbara. Hello little home. Trying to fit the new me into the old box. Went through photos, old clothes, instruments. feeling into the sands of Santa Barbara after almost a month of absence. Who am I now?trees and sun

The hills are drier. The air is thicker with the morning cloud cover. I saw a few blue jays, told them about their relatives in Rhode Island. Loud, noisy, beautiful birds you are. Took Shystie for a walk. The doggies are doggies, I’m me; a little discombobulated, not use to this location shifting life. The garden is alive but not happy with my absence. Summer. Summer. Hello summer.

I went to the park. saw some of you guys, saw alot of you guys actually. Summer solstice. The brilliance of the sun is upon us now. Thank you Santa Barbara for welcoming me into your arms. Thank you home for holding space through my absence. Thank you doggies for remembering me and wagging your tails at the sun.

The longest day of the year. The shortest night. May the joy that you are be illuminated by the brilliance of this day.

sunsetSummer solstice. May that sun be your strength, might the world hold your heart.
And might this world be a better place for the moments you have lived here. And might you know that is so. Even now.

Happy summer solstice.

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