see the good

Today my intention is to see the good.rainbow

it easy to see the good in the sky. The mountains the trees. Sometimes not so easy to see it in other people, past events, circumstances.

Today, in my dual house circumstance, i looked in vain for my external hard drive. Where is the thing?%*(*(&%!! I felt my internal stress rising. Then I remembered my intention, oh. yeah. Ok, what’s good about this?

Well, that I even have a hard drive, that i know what one is, that i have a computer, that everything is fine right this second… It’s’ not the end of the world if I can’t find it…well maybe…no, no really, life is good. Actually it’s quite wonderful in many ways. lets see…my breath, oh yes my breath, my friends, music, art, oh, all is rather wonderful in many respects.

Life is good.

It is good to see it

good to affirm it is true. hard drive or no hard drive.

Good. again.

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