breathing in strength.
breathing out,2014-11-17 12.20.30

releasing my need to be a martyr
breathing in truth
breathing out,

releasing my attachment to your approval
breathing in love for myself
breathing out love for you Dad.

grateful for this moment
rain, wet leaves, smell of coffee
holding tightness in my throat and shoulders
feeling into my body
loving myself
releasing my pattern of insignificance
realizing my worth.

I can breathe

I breathe.
I know love

I love.
I can feel

I feel

I face into those feelings
I can be present

I am present now

Settling into this moment
I own my breath
it fills my lungs
I release it

I see you Dad
your downward descent
even if you don’t want to see it yourself.

When a child becomes a parent
when a parent becomes a child
I honor the journey

I honor the responsibility of my roots.

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