pure love.

Mom’s birthday today.
Hello dear one. I see you now.
I send my heart out to fill the sky; the one who brought me into this world.
Pure love.

you who were a writer, an activist, a teacher, a mom, a wife. you who had gentle and extraordinary love for students, family, humanity, all you met.  So much caring.
In humble peace the pieces all fit together now.

so much gratitude I feel now.
I know you did the best you could. I know what love is and isn’t from you; I love the process of owning that love and holding it in my heart to give back, to you and to all who have come before, all who come now.

I feel my ancestors now. They are there at my back. I turn to acknowledge them. I see you mom at the front, among them, shining, smiling, more present now than ever before.
Pure love. not clouded by need or fear.
Pure love, bright and shining like the sun that is shining on me.

Thank you mom for all you have given me.

Thank you mom for you.

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