Puddle Jumping

I woke up today with the idea of the mundane mystic; Infusing the sacred into the ordinary. How can we do that? When we get so busy, it’s easy to forget. The Honeysuckle Possums had a show last night in the valley and now we have a show today up north country. We’re very busy girls. I feel excited, yes. And I feel busy. Lots to do, lots of travel, interaction, organizing details, coordinating, etc., on top of an already full life. possums dancing

I want to allow the wonderfulness of performing to not get in the way of my spaciousness. I believe that is not an impossible feat.

That’s why I love the breath so much. One breath and I feel different. Two breaths and I have landed, three breaths and I am a rock in the now (well, at least a pebble). Try it. Really give it a whirl and see how it changes you.

I’m going to work it today. You try it too if you want and notice what happens.

You’re rushing around, feeling overwhelmed or pushed…remember, oh yes, the breath…insert 3 full breathe…just take little breathing pauses while in the fray. Simple indeed. The puddle jump from busy to spaciousness.puddle jumping

Play with it.

Have fun.

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