Prince Charming and Fair Maiden

Screenshot 2014-04-01 07.10.33Ok I’m still looking for prince charming.

I have found him a few times, for a few moments…wait…what?

Where did he go?



Okay, I’m still looking.

I know he’s coming. On a big white horse no doubt.

He’s gonna sweep me off my feet.

There we merge together in ecstatic love.

We ride happily ever after into the sunset

The end.  


Archetypes are all powerful.

They rule our unconscious.

They feed our soul.

They never die, I gotta say.


But this morning I got it.

There is a prince charming.

He is in me.

Geez…I can access him at any time.

I can gallop him into my life.

I can sweep me off my feet.

I can ride off into the sunset in eternal ecstatic love.

Today I will be my own prince charming.



I notice the feeling

I celebrate great love and little love

I open to that feeling of all love.

I surrender to it.

I feel myself triumphant.

I feel my strength like a powerful man on a trusted stead,

and then I feel my surrender like that sweet fair maiden,

the play of duality’s dance.

I tap into that celebration and knowing.

Into the forever of my now it goes.

I open to celebrate with every once of me.



I offer this to you:

Celebrate who you are

Be yourself fully in loving ecstatic you, all of you.



We all have them, prince charming and the fair maiden.  We have them both inside of us. All these archetypes live in us, play through our dreams and fantasies, they feed us rich wisdom and juicy aliveness.

Celebrate them all, all yea charming princes and fair maidens.


there yea be,


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