precious and fleeting

I have been off FB for a bit. My dad passed on Monday. The coyotes were howling up the canyon right as I got the call. The sun settled on that day slowly.

I am back in RI now; in the massive snow drifts, the big ol’ house (built in 1904), going through stuff in the house, in my head. I have shared much on FB, so many of you have followed this arc. it has been a long and challenging last year. Dad, what a guy.

Death brings both some kind of peace and some kind of unsettlement. Ah, this life we skip lightly through. Precious and fleeting; every part of that phrase is ringing in my ears now.

Big change. long journey. I am in that, moving there.

2014-08-27 12.49.12Thank you dad for being so you.
Thank you.

One thought on “precious and fleeting

  1. Claudette

    Nicola, I am so very sorry about your father’s passing. My heart is with you during this difficult time.
    Sending you my love.


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