Potato Chip Musings

Susan loves potato chips. They’ve been on my verboten list for years, eons in fact. Well, there they were. I had just one.  Then, you know how it goes, I couldn’t have just one. I had another.  Oooh so crunchy and salty and so greasy…Heaven!

potato chipI Thought about them off and on for a few weeks after.  I then went out and bought a bag.  Over the next few days, I ate the whole bag. No, not the bag silly, the potato chips inside it.

I awaken the potato chip monster inside me; more, more more,

that i ALL I want!  


ok, feelings. There’s feelings.  There they are, I’m stuffing my mouth and stuffing my feelings.

Lovingly I breathe and feel. I think of a potato chip, breathe and feel again.

Sanity returns. Slowly. Over days.  I think of potato chips. I feel, I breathe. I notice. I go for a run, I call a friend, and play fiddle, life goes on. Thoughts of potato chips comes in and out of my days.  I’m dancing with that deep pit of potato chip desire.

Food is such a metaphor. I’d say, especially for us that aren’t heavy on other addictive substances, it’s so available, so socially acceptable.  We all have to eat, right?

I invite you to notice.  Say grace.  Appreciate the great mother earth and the food she bestows upon us. Be thankful with each bite.   Eat with reverence.  Make it a part of your practice; the practice of coming more and more awake to you.

One potato chip can spark an evolution.

2 thoughts on “Potato Chip Musings

  1. kimberly

    Thanks for that Nicola! I love reading your posts!
    Just don’t ever, ever try the Trader Joes Cheddar Horseradish chips!


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