Pointing Fingers

Maybe you’ve heard, when your point your finger at someone, you’ve got three pointing back are yourself. It’s a great visceral metaphor.
And if you have heard of it, I bet that thought hasn’t occurred to you when you’re actually wagging that finger around…hah!
Why I was just pointing my proverbial finger at my X, who I haven’t talked to in 4 months. Lots of space for my active imagination to fill in.
I sat down, with a paper and pen and wrote a list of all my judgements, just let it rip.
Then I proceeded to sobered myself up with that simple question, ‘ah… and how am I like that?’ OOOOOOOOoooooo.
After alot of breathing through and revelation, I felt my heart bursting open. Amazing.

You know, we are all mirrors.

If you see it in someone else, guess what?
It’s in you.
Pretty simple.
Pretty profound.
Pretty hard to fess up to some times.
I have found this to be one of the most sobering exercises in the universe, to put it mildly.
Ah, the eternal dance of inside/outside.

So…next time that proverbial finger is wagging in your head, notice the three pointing back, take note, make a list, go down the list and ‘hmmm, how am I like that too?’ See what happens.

I dare you. Tell me how it goes.

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