Parallel Realities

I read Pamela Oslie’s new book, Infinite You, when I was back east with my dad. I did it partially so I wouldn’t get totally swallowed up by the east coast mentality. My dad says we’re all fruits and nuts out here in California. I guess that’s why I am out here, I love this kind of stuff. What a mind-blowing journey it is.2014-07-21 19.53.42

So, in Pamela’s new book she talks about how they have scientifically proven in Quantum Physics that it is an infinite universe and all possibilities exist within it. Think about this: each and every conscious or unconscious decision you have made in your life; two choices, you pick one. Well, BOTH choices play out. Wild. Crazy to think of. It’s called parallel realities.

So what does that mean in real life, in day to day terms?

You can choose. That parallel realities exists…the one where you are free, strong, powerful and loving. You know, the one you glimpsed and then forgot about yesterday and remembered off and on along today? it’s all here folks. We choose what boat to row, what field to hoe. And each moment we can choose anew. Parallel reality, here we come.

What one would you like to play out today?

Personally I want to fully embrace that friendly universe reality where we love and feel loved. embrace the reality where I feel empowered and powerful, being loving to myself and others; Where every challenge is a embraced as an opening to huge growth and possibility. Ah, life IS good.

I hope you come play with me there.

If you are interested in aligning with this new awareness, I’d love to share that exploration with you. PM me. Lets do a strategy session, talk about 45 minutes on the phone about your own unique and magnificent parallel reality.

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