Coaching, holding space for the magic

Coaching, from the inside out.

Let’s talk Business.  How would you like to double, triple, 10x your income, all while living in integrity?

Imagine having work just the way you’d like it: work that enlivens you and contributes to others, work that you look forward to  everyday. It might be your own business, or a business where you share in  the creation.  Either way, I challenge you to let that sense of excitement and purpose creep into your busy life. I implore you, for your sake, and the sake of the world, to start really living your dream, whatever that is.  money comes easily, people magnetically attracted to your gifts, plenty of time to have fun–let yourself dream!

What if, your vision could unfold before you?  What if you actually felt guided flow, an ease and a sense of clarity around what you are building? What if the magic was on: you had a clear sense of being in the right place and grounded in your purpose, clear and loving communication with those around you,  a sense of flow in work and in your life?  What if you had unstoppable enthusiasm for the gifts you bring to the world?  What if…?

Is it time?  Is it time to get excited again? Time to re-ignite your vision?  Is it time for you to explore the possibilities for you and your business or work?  Are you curious?

You are powerful.

You are loved.

You have a powerful gift to bring to others.

You deserve all the financial abundance and you seek.

You deserve the time to enjoy it. You do.


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 Coaching Testimonials

“…Nicola holds a strong and grounded presence while she facilitates shifts in our own awareness or stuck places. It’s quite amazing that her seemingly lighthearted process can be quite effective, fast and even life changing but that’s Nicola’s magic.”–Connie F.

“…I had always admired Nicola’s demeanor and interaction with others; so I felt comfortable embarking on this journey; I so appreciate her non-judgemental attitude. I value the emotional support each week. I think the biggest “wow” factor was learning that my response/ feeling about someone or something generally has to do with me, and not them. I have made changes in my marriage – taking responsibility for my part; and learning how to gently communicate and find alternative choices to situations.  I would highly recommend Nicola to anyone who seeks a deeper understanding about their relationship to themselves and to others; to anyone who seeks inner peace  and a general road map to enjoy life more fully and happily.”-Carey P.

“…I decided to work with Nicola because I knew I needed some support. I had wanted to have a professional writing group that would support me, and for 30 years, it had turned out to be a hobby. I would get a group together and it would fall apart after about three months.  I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.  The very first week I was supposed to have my class I had three less students than I needed. Within the next hour after my session with Nicola,  possibilities opened and I had my three students.

I had a melt down after a few months. I was sure she charged too much and I wanted to cancel our sessions. I called her and said I was quitting. She talked me through it. gave me the space to feel that fear, and soon, I was back on track.  Now I have 2 classes, ongoing with full enrollment.  And even more important,  I became a grown-up who could afford the support and have my dream come true. This stuff works!” -Cynthia Warning.


One thought on “Coaching, holding space for the magic

  1. Rick Worth

    I came into Nicola’s class, as many other do, as (IMO) an experienced songwriter. However I came away from Nicole’s class with new songwriting techniques and perspectives I never employed before. Her feedback is genuine and uplifting to everyone of all skill levels, something I do not get in the solitude of my home studio and not yet performing publicly. It is wonderful to be surrounded by others seeking to improve their presence, be it songwriting, performance, or even self esteem. Self created music and verse is as good as life gets. It will never age, and the moments in your life that manifested into the song are given refuge from time. It simply does not get any better.


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