new year thanks

finding a new year approaching I am wondering, what might 2015 bring?

I open and receive it already, even before it’s time. It’s shining on the lake, on the frozen surface and the sunset big. It’s cold here. In one day the lake has covered 3/4s over in ice. It takes so little for big things to happen.

Love to you, bright and sneaky, filling your heart and overflowing to all you meet, and everywhere you go, all you think and do. I wish for you and me to find and remember the love in those tiny places, hold it strong and long.

It is tiny moments that make a big fat year. 2014-11-21 16.10.40
Might this year be full of big fat moments.

Much love
and thanks

thank you
thank you
thank you

it has all brought me here
to hold with you
such love

thank you.

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