Sunday was Mother’s Day.

Today would have been my Mom’s birthday.

We all have had them at one point.
Many of us have been them.

Mothers are the unsung heroes of our world. Where would we be without them?
I love my Mom. Before she died I had come to love her and appreciate her so (thank goodness).



It wasn’t always like that. I remembered as a teenager, I spent years in active rebellion. Everything she’d say, I’d question. Every thing she wanted me to do I’d resist and/or begrudge. Nope, it was not an easeful co-existence; it was either war or it was the de-militarized zone.

Then, one day I became a mother.

Oh my.

You did this for me?????

Suddenly the sky opened.
A new found appreciation tumbled down from the heavens.

Thank you Mom.

Thank you for ALL you did for me, gave to me, and all the love.

I know you did the best you could.

I wouldn’t be here without you. However challenging at times, you

From one generation to the next, we walk this rainbow bridge of learning, from one generation to the next let us learn from the past, let go and forge forward with a stronger sense of the love we are.

Mom, your presence in my life was the fertile soil of my growing. And, I might add, still is.

Thank you Mom.

For every bit of you.

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