Meditation. I’ve had a long and interesting journey with it. When I was 19 I joined a spiritual community based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (That’s why I live in Santa Barbara, thank you Sunburst).

For the next 7 years I pretty much meditated my brains out. I’d wake up pre-dawn and meditate, go to an hour group meditation, go to work and come home for another hour-long group meditation and then meditate before bed again. You could say I was a fanatic, but we all were zealous-that was the protocol for finding God, and what else was more important?

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It was an extremely challenging and also amazing experience. I had incredible darkness and incredible lightness of being. I guess that’s how life goes in general, but that inner journey was truly profound for me..

What’s true is that in those seven years of intense introspection, I cultivated an amazing serenity that I can access even now, when I give myself the space to go within. When I stop to think of it, it is truly amazing.

But over the years, out of rebellion and shear laziness, my so-called ‘practice’ of meditating got shoved by the wayside. Yes, every time I’d sit down and breathe into my present moment I could access profound ecstasy, by why bother when there’s so much else to do???!?!?!?!?! Well, that’s just how the ol’ brain works, don’t it?

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