little joy moments

I love the sky. Screenshot 2015-09-12 23.34.57
I love the clouds.
I love that I can love.
I love that I can start my morning
with love.
I want to feel the joy of love;

make it a habit to dwell there through my day
I want I find the joy in little moments and curious places
I want to remember even when it doesn’t appear spontaneously that that joy is always there.
I want to grow in my comfort of being in that love and joy.

Yes, this is a good day
A good life
A good moment
To fill my little joy cup.

4 thoughts on “little joy moments

  1. Ani Ahavah

    I have wanted to reply my response to your writings before this one, but didn’t think it was this easy. You are such a delightful soul, so gentle in putting for foot down and respectful to life and I appreciate you very much. Are you collecting these gems for a book please?


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