Letting go.

Birthday hot fudge sundae.

hot fudge sundaefirst one in two years.

yes, he finished most of it. That’s what birthdays are for; to celebrate. See, he doesn’t believe in birthdays, but he does believe in ice cream. Newport Creamery. we used to go there when I was a kid. There were pictures all over the walls of the old stores. This is new England, the land of many memories. Past memories, present time, this is such a profound practice at this juncture of my life.

We, once again, are going through clothes. Got rid of the 300 hundred shirts in the upstairs closet…major milestone. He now has 50, we will see if he uses 2 or 3…
Old couches and mattresses, old phones, things that have been in storage forever.

Letting go of stuff.
Letting go of expectation.
letting go of holding on.

What i have found every time I let go
is a clearer connection love.


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