Joe Shmoe on the Bozo Bus

I’ve been writing you guys, and I’ve ben amazed at all the beautiful feedback I’ve been getting from all you.  I appreciate it so much.

But  I woke up this morning with this ‘oh sh*t’ feeling-what the heck am I doing bearing my soul to the world?  What are they all thinking of me? Especially those, that might read what I post and don’t say anything (thank god there’s no ‘dislike intensely button’).  I’m way too much, way too sensitive, way too caught in my drama…here we go on that slippery slope to nowhereville, weeeeee….and then on the other side, who do I think I am, spewing all these cosmic experiences; like visiting my ancestors, or brilliant breakthroughs, etc?  I’m no big fooy guru guy. I’m just a Joe Shmoe, like al the rest of the Bozos on the bus.

What I  came to, as I set myself down and gave myself a good talkin-to, is that yes, I’m a sensitive being.  What can I say?  And I know, part of my journey and gift to the world, is honoring my sensitivity, releasing any shame I might have about it, cherishing myself through.

And what’s also true is that I do have amazing breakthroughs in my day; often.  And as I write about it, it gives me and chance to savor the experience. I have been truly in awe of what does happen to me, wow!  And then sharing it has made my life experiences all the more potent.  Thanks for being a part of that.

So I’m offering that to you. Can you look around and let in whats happening now in your life? Can you accept your thoughts of inadequacy, fear, just be there and hold ‘em, give ‘em a good talkin-to?  Let yourself off the proverbial hook?

And  on the other end, can you celebrate your revelations and triumphs? We are all just Joe Shmoes on the bus, but we all have incredible moments: moments of brilliance and awareness, moments of a-ha’s, moments of gratitude. I invite you to stop and acknowledge them now.   Hey, what amazing moments have occurred for you in the past hour or so?  Can you admit them to even to yourself?  And can you share it to another person?

Let’s see, for me, I’m getting another post up, yeay! And I just had an amazing green smoothie using greens from my own garden that I grew myself! Amazing! Really!

OK, How bout you?  Tell me. I dare you.

(and you can ‘like ‘ me too. I’d really truly love it. :-))

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