Take a Breath

smiling babyTake a breath.

a deep long breath in and out.

Okay, now take another one.

yeah, that.  Feel your body relaxing a little?

try it again. feeling it yet?

now put a smile on your face.

just try it.

breathe and smile…

repeat as often as you want to feel goodness grow.

This is Probably the simplest shift on earth

AND the most profound.

3 deep breaths and a smile.

See you there.



One thought on “Take a Breath

  1. Barbara

    My feelings and thoughts exactly. What is more profound then the breath??
    Best wishes for your tele seminar! So courageous. Let me know how it goes! I’ll be working today (and loving it).
    I love you, Happy Valentines Day, Year, Life, Beyond!


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