Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to you.

Will you claim freedom today? How will you do that?  What path will you choose this day?  Will you make this day the day that you can look back and remember as the day you claimed your autonomy in some fashion? path wildfwers

What will you claim as yours today?

Today I claim freedom from negative self talk. I choose to love myself more fully. To notice when I’m getting down on me. Today I choose to talk to myself as a lover, a kind parent, a loving friend. I can be all that to me. Today I will go out of my way to cherish who I am. When I feel even slightly disconnected, I will love me. I realize I need to start there. Loving self. Otherwise there is no love to share with others.

I might do better or worse, have my on days and off days, but today I take a stand for me, and thus for you. This is my Independence Day: independence from self-tyranny of any and all sorts. Let that journey begin and begin again each time I forget.

Will you claim your freedom today? What does that look like for you?

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