I Run By


wild cloudToday I woke up to a challenging day. People, places, stories, fill my dreams and wake me in the night.  Gladly I greet the coming of light in the sky.

I get up, go for a run.  As I feel my legs move I feel my cares falling away.  A world bigger than my little life, in my own tortured head.  I feel the earth, the sky the green, green grass.  Yes, there’s lots coming now from the blessed rain.  

I run through suburbia, through malls, over freeways, around the palatial mansions of Hope Ranch. I feel the sun on my face, the earth under my feet.  I am in rhythm with the wind.

I keep running til it’s time to turn, time to return to my challenging day.

I retrace my steps through a thousand lives and homes and stories, every passerby, waitress, warrior of the office, keeper of numbers, retired, hungry, in a hurry, or not; the fast driving man on a mission, the landscaper in his pickup truck, the mother in her van.  They are all out there. I run by.

This big world is full of it.  I am too.  As I run, my inside world releases to the outside world.  The outside fills me and thrills me, releases me to be more fully present in my body.  My legs find my street, my little patch of home. I’m back.

The earth and sky have filled me to tackle this new day challenge.  It aint so bad; the universe has got my back.  I can feel it.

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