I Recommit

It’s time for me to recommit.

I feel perched between the two coasts; singing like a bird, and that bird might take flight to Rhode Island at any point. And It’s time to move again, darn. No hurry, but the little house will soon be rolling again, somewhere in Santa Barbara, some where wonderful (PM if you have inspiration on this).

I feel ungrounded, unclear and unsettled. I’m returning to my breath. Returning to writing and sharing with you all.

I commit and open to a world of abundance and ease, where I have all I want and need; no fear, no hoarding, no lacking. All is provided. I have land, quiet, spacious wilderness, I have community, I have the joy of giving my music and my presence, all my love, all my gifts; and then fully receiving the gifts of others. I commit again and again to that path. I open to the flow of that sweet harmony.swan

I wish this for you too, to be filled and overflowing. To feel your gifts and to own your beauty. That you easily and fully give of yourself to that which you love, and in doing the universe provides beyond your wildest dreams.

This I wish for you, me and the all beings.

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