I am Safe

It’s safe to be me.
It’s safe to be in my power
I am safe.

When you read these words, what happens?
Do you believe it?
Can you feel it?
Do you know it’s safe to be you?
Do you know it’s safe to be in your power?

battleIf you watch Game of Thrones or believe in past lives, you know that’s not true. Round ever bend is someone out to get you. And one can only imagine what could have happened to you over lifetimes of living and dying on this earth…

Just notice.
Notice whatever comes up.
It’s all there rumbling around.

I don’t know about you, but I go through phases of feeling safe, powerful, whole, and then something happens and triggers my fear response. Old responses, from life, childhood, from birth, who knows, from a million zillion past lives of being disintegrated in various mundane and unique ways? We carry all this around with us like a bundle of rocks.

It is safe to be me.
It is safe to be in my power
I am safe.

Do you have a reaction? Does a feeling come up?
What are the stories you wrap around safety?

Could be a memory, a feeling in your body, or just a firmly entrenched belief. Whatever that old familiar reaction is, notice. Be with it. Hold it gently with love, like a little baby having a tantrum. Breathe, love. Be with it. Be present there. Allow that child to be calmed by your love. Feel the fear release as that small child finds safe again, feels love, feels held and heard.

One less rock to carry around.baby

It is safe to be me.
It is safe to be in my power
I am safe.

Today, be in the excavation of your power. One rock at a time. See what’s there. Breathe and face into the feeling, love it, hold it. Reclaim your safety and your power, It’s there. You just gave it away for a spell.

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